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Fame can have negative psychological effects and lead to increasingly selfish tendencies and psychopathy. A scientific study on the subject claims that celebrity is addictive. As a celebrity's fame fades over time, it can be difficult for the celebrity to adjust psychologically.

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Recently, more attention has been paid to the influence of celebrities on the health choices of the general population. It is believed that the public will follow celebrity health advice to some extent. It can have positive effects if celebrities provide strong, evidence-based health warnings, but it can also have a negative effect if the health warnings are not specific enough.

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A celebrity is a man, mostly a woman, who has earned popularity and fame for being often mentioned in the yellow press, glossy magazines and gossip newspapers. Famous people usually belong to the so-called “cream” of society, are more than rich, stand out with unusual, sometimes scandalous, shocking behavior, are often talented writers, journalists, TV hosts, theater actors and actresses, stage, cinema, politicians, but there are, they belongs to the “golden youth” and appears in the media through participation in scandals.


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However, because "celebrity" sounds fashionable and youthful, it is increasingly used instead of a Russian counterpart. According to the rules of the Russian language, the word "celebrity" should be a non-falling name of a woman to correspond to a celebrity.


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Everyone dreams of becoming a celebrity, but being a celebrity is hard and unpleasant work - every day you have to be prepared to watch the paparazzi and research your personal media. The saddest example here is Princess Diana, who got into a car accident while running away from annoying journalists. So, guys, before you know it, think about whether you can do it later. The world of celebrities is cruel and insidious - they only love you when you’re on the covers of all the magazines. About this - Marilyn Manson's Dope Show.

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